What Our Interns Say

Pily Del Riego (July 2017)

“Going to Mozambique to intern with Marine Action Research (MAR) has been one of the best decisions I´ve ever made in my life. For a month I was able to enjoy the vibrant culture of Mozambique while contributing to crucial research on marine megafauna and macrofauna. As a Marine Biologist in training, MAR provided me excellent scientific knowledge and allowed me to learn different research techniques and how to apply them. Mozambique is a magical, caring and friendly place that allowed me to learn, enjoy and create lifelong friendships. I will be back!”


Brinkley Davies (August 2017)

“Marine Action Research is the perfect learning experience for any up and coming ocean advocate. With a friendly atmosphere, a wide variety of experiences and skills, in the field, diving, and in theory, I highly recommend this internship. Thanks to Nakia and the team for an exciting, fulfilling and fun experience!”


Izzy Eady (2016) Plymouth Univeristy, UK

“I joined MAR to complete an undergraduate research project on the nudibranch community in Zavora. Not only did I receive excellent scientific knowledge and support for my research, but also a caring and friendly atmosphere that made my time in this beautiful place even more special.”


Alex Megit (2016) Dalhousie University, Canada

“After a long journey, Zavora was a charming and peaceful home. The internship provided a spectacular chance to learn about and witness Indian ocean wildlife and has left me wishing I never left. Thank you, MAR. #NudiLife.”

Rohan Shah (2016) Harvard University, United States

“MAR was a great complement to my social science major. Fun atmosphere, diverse learning opportunities, combining the best of an organized internship and travel adventure.”